14 May, 2007

Why I Like Elder Blogs

A while ago, I decided that if, the gods willing, I was given the chance to grown old, then I’d best start figuring out a strategy about how to do it gracefully. Heavens knows the society I live in is fixated on the younger lot, even though Germany is, apparently, tame in comparison to some other countries (e.g., United States, Brazil). Still, there is an unnatural focus of attention from media on the very young (look at the girl models in the women magazines), those trying to stay young through advocating a strenuous routine, or indulging in surgical procedures in the hope of quick success.

To counteract this frivolous ridiculousness, I’ve become quite a fan of different elder blogs. These bloggers write about many topics. Today, Ronnie Bennet of the Time Goes By blog writes about The Mystery of Life, which happens to be the inevitability of death. She writes her opinions, experiences, and (non-) beliefs concerning this topic. She expresses them well, but not emphatically. What I enjoy particularly about this post is how considerate and interesting the comments are to her postings.

Do any of you read blogs concerning topics outside of your expertise?


  1. How nice of you, Lia, and I'm glad you like my post. You're right - the comments are interesting, but then I'm lucky to have a group of really smart, thoughtful, funny and interesting readers.

    Thank you again.

  2. Thanks to you I have become hooked on fashion blogs like "the Sartorialist" and "a dress a day". I also like to read about writing. Since I have a blog now this no longer is totally outside my area of expertise.

    And you're right to concentrate on a strategy to get older gracefully. Most people seem to avoid thinking about it and pretend that they're still 18 until they realize that they have turned 70.