07 May, 2007

Serendipity, Or, All Things Artistic And Technological

This is a music video with the American musical duo, CocoRosie. Sierra (Rosie) is playing the harp and kazoo, Bianca (Coco) sings and manipulates the children's toys/electronic instrument.


What I find so special about the piece, beside the pure serendipity of it, is the fact that they are sisters.

In some ways they remind me of my sister and I: someone who I love dearly, share many interests, talents, and quirky personality traits with. We are both equally interested in all things artistic and technological. We endeavour to squeeze every bit out of each day (talent) and, (unfortunately at times), every bit out of our relationships with others (quirky personality traits).

There are phases where we feel emotionally or spiritually like Siamese twins. Others find us speaking at each other rather to each other: unheard, misunderstood. It doesn’t matter whether we are in the same room together or an ocean apart, we always have something to say. Something deep and meaningful, that can’t wait a second more to be told.

Here’s to you, sis!

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