09 May, 2007

20 Tips For Your Blog

I read this well written and informative list of 20 tips for a good blog (here) a while ago. I couldn't help but notice that my dear and humble yum yum cafe blog didn't comply to any of the twenty items. I find the items interesting and believe, in the grand scope of things, they are important to implement. I am just going to have to ruminate awhile to figure out a strategy about how to improve this blog over time.

Obviously, I could just do the technical changes first: easy RSS feeds or change archive format. Instead of doing this, I thought I'd write you and ask you about your opinions on the following issues:

1. What "types" of postings do you find interesting?
2. What "types" of postings do you immediately dismiss without reading?
3. What would be three changes you would suggest that I make to the blog, either in layout or content, to improve the blog?

Please leave a comment or write to me (Lia) at virtualredtent AT yahoo DOT com.

I would very much appreciate a bit of guidance in this matter. Thank you.

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  1. That's weird, I remember posting a comment on this just yesterday. Did you delete it?