28 October, 2006

Focusing On The Essential & Not The Details

I’m reading a book that talks a blot about art and being creative. The central idea of the various debates is that creating something (a drawing, a letter, a meal, a blog entry) is a matter of focusing on the essential and not the details. This seems a courageous thing to do.

Especially since I tend to examine and deliver only small minuets of my domestic life. Do I write about all these brief encounters because they are safe, unthreatening? Or are these seemingly meaningless encounters glimpses into the humble essences of my existence?

Do I need to change the tone, the language, the perspective, and content of this blog? It’s worth considering.

Once again, and most delightfully, I’m away with a friend for a weekend away. This time in Fleesensee, eastern Germany, in a restored superbly beautiful castle. What a fantastic adventure this is.

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