03 October, 2006

Arrived Safe and Sound

In Sillekjer, first evening…

The girls are all in bed, but I don’t know if they are going to manage to sleep any time soon. They had a sponsor charity race today in school, so actually they should be soooo tired. We’ll, see.

One of the girls has brought along a Wellness Music CD. I kid you not, that is the title of the CD. It is produced for one of the local pharmacy chains. I’ve put it on, to try and drone the children into slumber. Sara has just sneaked out of the bedroom and asked me to skip a song or two; she finds the twittering birdsong irritating. Oh, my Nature Girl! You can tell she has lived in a city all her life. Oh dear, me thinks there is a hole in her upbringing.

The CD rattles and goes swish-swish in my laptop… and I find that every so irritating! Sure hope this is working so I can turn it off soon.

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