25 December, 2010

I am enough.

"Brene Brown studies human connection -- our ability to empathize, belong, love."

Brene Brown also does a marvelous job of arguing why we should all strive to be vulnerable instead of predictable, courageous more than brave, and kind to ourselves as well as to others. What I most enjoy about her TED Talk is the passion of her convictions is not highlighted through stories of grand deeds, but more subtly through her self-deprecating antidotes of her struggles and stumbling along the way to realising the most important thought, "I am enough."

At this time of reflection upon the challenges we have met this last year and perhaps recognition of opportunities we can stumble after in the next, watching this video places a milestone along the road of our journey forward. 


  1. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Haven't listened to this talk yet. But I love that message: We are enough. (Might add an extra line - We have enough.)

    Joyful greetings to you and yours.

  2. Happy holiday to you. Hugs and joy.

  3. Her book "The Gift of Imperfection" is wonderful. And have you seen:

  4. I loved this TED talk - thank you so much for posting it!
    I know I don't comment very often (or at all) but I hope you know I'm still around, always reading your posts...
    Lots of love, Fee =)