22 June, 2008

Law of Adaptation I

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the society I live in, and many of the western societies I have visited, social economical structures are based on the premise of “the survival of the fittest” and not on the law of give and take. This whole thought process started after reading an article by Dr. Bill Thomas, a geriatrician, called, Pinnacle of Adaptation.

While sitting in a café yesterday, I jotted down some of the points that I would like to write concerning this notion of giving and taking, which I call law of adaptation. If all goes well, these musings will produce a few posts. The premise of my law of adaptation is, if I given the gift of a long life, I must learn to live a balanced life. Certainly, more balanced than the one I am now living. This means, first, an examination of what is askew in my life, for my intentions are good, but the practices are lacking.

Some of this has to do with the disparity between what I’m told (sold) and what I now believe to be a more humble realistic representation of a life well lived:

And this is how I think the mass media splits up and covers the pie of life’s priorities:
The life we most “Fervently Pursue

Whereas, actually, if we were honest…
This distribution would indicate a “Healthy Attitude

Enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. I really like this, Lia. I'm not sure if this is similar, but I remember distinctly having a moment where I realized I wasn't going to be a millionaire no matter how many hours of work I put in and that the rest of my life was non-existent because of my focus on work and creating wealth.

    A pivotal moment, for sure. Probably the moment I started looking at all the "shoulds" with a grain of salt and a critical eye.

    I am looking forward to your coming posts on this!