14 June, 2008

Short-term Strain

While looking through a filled journal this morning, I cam upon the saying,

Short-term pleasures often result in long-term detriment. Whereas, choosing short-term stain can lead to long-term benefits.”

I don’t know where I tripped across this saying. I don’t even remember writing it down. So far, June has been a choosing of short-term strain. My sanity rests on the knowledge that, come the end of June, two of my four work commitments come to end.
Come the beginning of July, I will have more time on my hands. Idle time, to indulge in leisure pursuits. Time to expand my brain, move my body, and rest my spirit. Ah, the joys of anticipation.


  1. Oh dear you, I hate to share a truism with you, but if you have empty time, projects will apprear in greater quantity than the time available. (Speaking from current experience.) LOL

  2. Um, I was to say something along the lines of Maggie. But, who knows, maybe it'll work out differently for you.

    (I'm playing catch-up again. Starting with your most recent post...)