02 April, 2007

Super Daughter and Proud Mom

Phew! Just managed to divert a domestic disaster.

My daughter, Sara, won regional elocution contest in February. It was announced by the head judge that the winner of the contest would be sent to the state-wide contest mid-May. Yeah-I-can’t-believe-it reaction from Sara; while Proud Mom and Proud (chosen) Aunt watch on as she gets her photo taken for the newspaper. Head judges announces that the next round will be held in Luebeck, not in Kiel, as is customary. Yeah, Sara has the home game advantage: I contemplate dressing up Sara in Hanseatic traditional folks costume.

This morning, while I was at work, Sara received an invitation to the ober-regional elocution contest in two weeks time! First, we were not informed that there was an ober-regional round. Secondly, Sara had no text chosen as yet. Thirdly, Sara was not so enthusiastic to participate any more, in general, and particularly in an ober-regional way: she was not sure she wanted this experience to go on any more. Fourthly, she’s on Easter vacations and she’s mentally already on vacation, and we’ll be physically on vacation in two days time…

Arriving home, Sara was obviously close to giving up on the whole matter. I have a heart-to-heart with Sara: something along the lines of sheeet happens you got to pull yourself up by the bootstraps, let’s figure out Plan B, and every cloud has a silver lining… And it worked! Ten minutes later we chose three different authors (Philip Ardagh, Walter Moers, Norton Juster), found three appropriately crazy texts.

So, now she’s set, crisis avoided, and there is nothing to worry about. What a Super Girl my darling daughter is. I’m prouder than punch.

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  1. Congratulations to Sara. She is a star; no wonder you are proud.