25 April, 2007

Making Grey Hair

Today, my husband finds out whether or not he has a future job position in the company he’s worked at for the last eighteen years. His department is being “restructured”. This translates into being closed down and the tasks redistributed into other departments. In such a process, it is uncertain who will get lost in the reshuffle: a musical chair game with potentially serious existential consequences. Since my present job contract runs out at the end of June, it’s been hard to remain calm when unemployment is looming for both of us.

The only thought that anchors me into a “living life as it comes” mental state, is the feeling that my husband and I are roll models for our children. Their futures will probably be a series of career changes, whether voluntary or not, and so, at least superficially, I feel it is important to appear as if we can handle the situation: no matter what it might be this evening.

To mark the occasion, I’ve decided to celebrate the job-or-no-job status this evening. There is a new Syrian restaurant down the way, which we’ve wanted to check it out for some time. I’ll tell you later whether our toast to the family was a grateful sigh of relief, or a (somewhat forced) smile to new fortune.

P.S. Later. My husband's group and two others have to wait another six weeks to find out their fate. Breathe deep. Breathe long.

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