28 September, 2010

Not quite sure


Often when I am making collages, I work for a long time trying to get the overall effect and then, at the last moment, try and change some small, but fundamentally important detail to see if the change improves the collage or not.


In the last few collages there has been a stripe of white or a patch of white within the collage. Not something I usually do. I've liked the white though. Today, I started with the white in the background of the palm tree in counterpart to the patch of white  in the clouded sky.

Then I tried the boat. What do you think, which do you prefer?


  1. Andrea11:00 am

    I prefer the boat.
    For my taste, there's something odd about the white background in the "palm tree picture".
    Lol, Andrea

  2. I prefer the boat but I really couldn't say why...

  3. I like the palm, but the boat in the sand has the best context overall. I vote Boat.

  4. I like the palm tree better. I love the way the white pops out of the picture and captures my attention.

    Even when I plant my Impatience in the Spring I always place some white ones amongst the reds,pinks and corals. They demand that you look at them!

    But, I must say, they are both lovely.

  5. I like the boat better as well but I am not really sure why...I think I like how the blues tie the collage together, maybe?

  6. I like everything you do - but like the boat.
    I only dig in the dirt. cook, clean house and clean a path in my woods :)

  7. They are both beautiful but I prefer the boat. Why? Because the blue of the water reflects the blue of the sky outside the picture.