14 September, 2010

Next Trend on YouTube?

When I saw the hand dancing video below, my instant response was brilliant.

It seems like it has everything needed in order to be the next trend: low tech, serendipity, rhythm, humour, musicality, minimalism in movement towards maximum of effect, quirky... can't stop, but I think it would be just as much fun creating a coreography as it is to watch. I can also imagine that each routine, like tap dancing, would look uniquely wonderful.

My daughter, on the other hand, was not enchanted. She says it looks too strange. So, time will tell whether hand dancing will go viral and become the next trend on YouTube.


  1. I love it I love it....it's delightful. Thanks so much.

    And how is the job hunt going? Hugs....

  2. Anonymous6:53 pm

    It's delightful and quirky and ever so amusing - especially with those dead-pan faces!

  3. Anonymous10:28 am

    Hi Lia, es ist toll, unvorstellbar so etwas zu machen, meine Hände würden abfallen ;)
    Bist du auch im Facebook? Ich hab dich leider noch nicht gefunden.
    LG Siggi

  4. I'm still enchanted. It's charming.

    RYN: Yes, I'm depressed at the same time I am ill. We try harder tho. All of us are doing better today. :)

  5. RYN@: Feeling better this afternoon. Called or visited ill friends and am feeling more centered. Being ill and having dying friends, especially your mentor, slows you down a bit. :)