03 October, 2010

Not being melodramatic

Trying not to be melodramatic this evening. Nomad Son is going off tomorrow to study computer science at a university in southern Germany. Don't know if I should burst with pride at seeing him set off on this new adventure or crumble with grief at reaching this poignant milestone of family history.


  1. Anonymous8:15 am

    Hi Lia, wie geht es deinem Sohn, wie geht es dir? Elena fängt morgen an, erst mal mit Mathereporium und am 15.10 gehts dann richtig mit der Einführungsveranstaltung los. Wie gehts deiner Tochter, wenn ihr Bruder weg ist?
    LG Siggi

  2. You do both. One Woman knows well with 4 children and 3 grandchildren - now all over the globe.
    You are so proud of them but your both entering new territory.
    you give them "roots and wings".

  3. Bravo to you for getting to this stage. "Wings and roots"....a great way of putting it. Shall I send Kleenex?

  4. Dear Siggi,

    Julien just called to say there is a two hour delay due to technical problems with the trains. Still, he's on his way and didn't have to watch me mope the day away. I decided to gift myself one day to mope and, as of tomorrow, I am switching to stiff-upper-lip mode.

    Giui and Sara were as calm and collected as was Julien. I was the only one who was making a bit of a drama over "it's the end of an era". Fortunately, they both are saying it seems so odd not to have Julien around this evening.

    One Woman, was a fantastic was of expressing what we do try and give our children. I am going to take it as a motto for future talks with my son.

    Maggie, how about a box of Kleenex. People here are not much on carrying their emotions on their cuffs. Unlike me, who has strong Irish blood coursing through my veins.

  5. Anonymous8:51 pm

    aaaw you'll be fine, mommy, you still have me to cuddle :)
    i love you!

    your daughter

  6. Dear Nature Girl, you are a dear. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous5:41 am

    Oh gosh, how difficult! Unbearably sad and yet so wonderful to see them blossoming in their own garden of delights.

  8. A parent-child milestone of mixed feelings indeed. You must be proud that he's doing well and is also studying in his own country so he's not that far away. I love 'roots and wings' too. The box of tissues and a lovely daughter and husband to cuddle for comfort at times like this and before you know it the years have flown.

  9. both, definitely. You should be very proud!