01 September, 2010

Small Doses of Happiness

I volunteer once a week at a local charity shop. It is sometimes a strange world to move around in. Strange is probably the wrong word, but it is a new sub-culture of sorts.  Most of my fellow volunteers are older than I am, though I am no spring chicken. They are nearly all women, and I have for the last 30 years worked in a male dominated world.

My fellow workers come from all walks of life, as do our customers. We have our "regulars", people who drop by every few days to see what new products we've brought out for sale.

Not only does the store have it's regulars, we, the volunteers, have our personal regulars. Inadvertently and over time, the customers find out who is working when. Now, not a shift goes by when my regulars drop by to browse around, but also to exchange a bit of small talk. Each encounter is a small doses of happiness.


  1. You described exactly what I did when I moved to the city a little over 2 years ago.
    It was only 5 minutes from that city cottage.
    I kind of miss it. I moved back to a different world.

  2. One Woman's Journey, I think your world is "just right" for you for this phase in your life. It is about making connection to people, or in your case, nature that makes each day a joyous one.

  3. Anonymous6:09 am

    A small dose of happiness... that sums up the small moments in life!

  4. Oh yes, I so clearly understand this. As I work in the back room, for some reason I find myself always surprised when a familiar face stops in just to give me a smile. I must think I work in a vacuum back there.