20 July, 2010

A Sunset of the City

The hot dry summer days loll on. I’m still seeking employment. Though I should say, I do have meaningful employment; lots of projects being juggled both here and in Kimilili, Kenya. Now I just need employment with a salary.


Listening to poetry these days. Find it soothes my restless soul. Today’s find was Gwendolyn Brooks’s, A Sunset of the City. Please go to this link and her speak the poem. I love how she describes growing older,

It is summer-gone that I see, it is summer-gone.
The sweet flowers in drying and dying down,
The grasses forgetting their blaze and consenting to brown

There are moments now when I feel such, but I try and let them flow away with the summer breeze.


  1. Can you afford to take the year off? I love the poem and the collage. :) Thank you.

  2. Oh my - is this poem "me".

  3. Wonderful collage. And good luck in your job hunt!