26 June, 2010

Windows of my Journeys

I've started another series of collages. For now, I will call them "Windows of my Journeys".


This is one of the collages I am making for a exhibit. The exhibit is part of a year long art exhibit and series of workshops called, Woman on a Journey, that is going to take place at the Womens-Only Hotel in 2011.


  1. Fabulous! It looks as if the door is wide open for lots of dreams and adventures.

  2. Wonderful!!!!! I can hardly wait to see the rest!!!

  3. This collage is beautiful.. Like the title
    "Woman On A Journey".
    I guess most of us are on a journey.

  4. That's a very powerful piece. Well done....I especially like the contrast between the rails and the surrounding frame.

    RYN: Yes, she's been accepted to a program at Berkley...UCB...It's going to be an exciting road.