16 June, 2010

From Another Perspective

One of the reasons I so delight in going to cafés is because I love looking at the mundane day-to-day dealings of life viewed through the eyes of a stranger (me), yet also that of a participator (customer).

This lets me sit and watch two fellow customers idle away the morning waiting for the rain to stop.


Or just watch a veteran waiter work the espresso machine with an ease of movement that is highly enviable.


Or, consider how our choice of footwear can say about our personalities.


In the end, the experience of sitting in a café is similar to being both an insider and outsider all at the same time.


  1. You're right - what wise observations!

  2. I feel the same way. I live in a suburban zone with few cafes, but when I do get to one, I love the people watching.

  3. I don't drink enough coffee or tea to frequent coffee houses, darn it.

    Yes, San Diego is a glorious city, but the Golden Gate bridge is in San Francisco. I guess I need to go make that clear. Thank you.

  4. This bright cafe could be anywhere...Toronto, Montreal, Germany, er San Diego or San Francisco? I know you've been traveling recently (and both of us in Montreal at the same time!!) so look forward to reading more about the places you visited!