30 June, 2010

Windows of my Journeys II


Life is ridiculously busy since I returned from Toronto. Everyday I start with a list of items that need to be done. The end of the day comes with having crossed off quite a few, but there are always more left only half-done.

It is not yet noon today and the list looks something like this:
  • write three blog posts for up-and-coming Football Tournament in Kimilili (not done)
  • go for long walk with A. (done)
  • work out job search priority list with A. (done)
  • create mock-up text for website my son is creating for sponsor company in Nairobi (mostly done)
  • write S. in Germany who is going over to Kimilili as a volunteer in August with the list of contents of the two boxes I sent to him yesterday that he will take with him (not done, left over from yesterday)
  • ask A. whether she knows anyone with an old laptop for the women's co-op in Kimilili (forgot)
  • rework "Women on a Journey" concept (started, needs lots of work)
  • write C. about whether her family is willing to help if needed for young woman I know who is going to work in Capetown's townships (not done)
  • wish C. happy wishes on starting new job tomorrow (not done)
  • prepare for charity shop monthly meeting (not done)
  • attend charity shop monthly meeting (not done)
  • need groceries (not done)
  • 5 other items that I forget what they are (typical, ssheesh)
Mid-day... time to get going...

Collage makes me feel calm when all around me chaos rules.


  1. Hot stuff that collage. I like this series a lot. Most of your list can be easily dispatched via email. There's a couple you will have to work at. So sorry I am still using my very old laptop. Hugs.....

  2. Lovely image, makes me think of some summer cottages of my youth, and yes, so relaxing to contemplate. Busy, busy... wish you success with the list and time to relax as well!

  3. That's a stunning collage - so summery.

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