06 April, 2010

Story Missing II

About a half of a kilometer away from the last photo there was a pair of shoes on the sidewalk next to a bank.
When I saw the shoes, I instantly imagined that they were the pair I took a photo of a few days ago. They could have wandered to their new abode in the dawn hours. I had to laugh at the thought. 

Then I realised that this is the time when many proper housewives do spring cleaning (I'm not one of those). So these random pair of shoes could well be what Tine and Ian are talking about in their comments of the last post, just one of many items left out for people to take.


  1. Anonymous8:45 am

    Oooh, love the new look! Especially the way that cuppa could contain either tea or coffee, depending on your mood. Lovely.

    The shoes have probably been dumped by spring-cleaners, but I love the idea that they've walked. Let us know if you spot them again.

  2. I just love this. Oh, if we could leave things out here, imagine what the curbs would look like.

  3. Charlotte, I found a ironed shirt hanging on a hanger outside someones' front door this morning. It seems like there is anarchy amongst the spring cleaners in our city.

    Maggie, What makes this all so special is that it isn't just trash or mountains of surplus, just a pair of shoes here and a shirt there.