01 April, 2010

April Fools

This is an April Fool hoax BBC broadcasted in 1957 on Switzerland’s magnificent spaghetti harvest. Apparently, it is legendary, but it is the first time I saw it and wanted to share it with you. I excuse myself if you have seen it every year since then.

Happy birthday, Tine!


  1. This joke is indeed a legend! I just love it...

  2. Thank you very much, dear Lia! Both for the spaghetti harvest and your birthday wish. The spaghetti story always reminds me of my English "uncle" Arthur who was served his first meal of spaghettis by my mother in 1967. He had never tried them before and was in pains getting them onto his fork and into his mouth - using the fork in the old-fashioned English way, i.e. the other way round ... I was a little girl then, fascinated by watching him! ... And it was his son Pete who once remarked to me that the first of April wasn´t really a good date for my birth as I was the least foolish person he ever met. I like the date quite a lot, by the way. Tine

  3. Tine, such lovely memory to share. Thank you, dear. I also like April 1st because it is just a little different or special, but not too much to distract everyone from the real importance (your birthday).