20 April, 2010

Impressive Images and Good Graphics

The Big Picture has another series of spectacular photos of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano outbreak.

My son has been stuck in southern Italy these last days due to the reduced air traffic in Europe. The gods willing, he is making his way home today.

One of the reasons I so enjoy the Information is Beautiful blog is that the author asks the right question and finds the clever answer so often.

David the creator of the graphic above just posted the following information:

"We got our figures wrong on the CO2 emissions of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajoekull. Badly wrong.

So we want to apologise.

We pride ourselves on good data and solid information. Despite detailed research and feedback from Icelandic vulcanologists, our figures were out by a magnitude of ten

The volcano is emitting 150,000 tons of CO2 per day, not 15,000 tons."

Even though David made an initial mistake, I still think the corrected image shows how graphics are good for presenting both the big picture and the small details of a situation.


  1. I'm just appalled at the side effects of this Icelandic blast. Big and small. Here in San Diego we have a class from France that is staying in individual homes. It's going to pour tomorrow. LOL I hope your son was able to find a ferry or train to get him home again. Please keep us posted, and thanks for the links.

  2. The Big Picture is really great. Going to check out the other site too.

    The volcano shows us in real life what is meant by the butterfly effect...

  3. Maggie, son home safe and sound.

    LadyFi, hadn't made that association with the butterfly effect. Excellent. Thanks.