04 May, 2008

a story begins: a poem

A few days ago I posted a video about a certain mind mapping method, called, for use of anything better, the “what, why, and how” method. I thought I would use the method to help me write a poem.
Here is the result. The photos used in the slideshow are copyright free from this site. I don’t know if making a slideshow of the poem is such a good idea. Please tell me what you think.


  1. Hi dear Lia.......

    Thanks so much for the notes.....five days worth. Yes, I like the format, but it distracts me from the poem. Perhaps just one photo in a more standard format would leave us seeing the worlds not clicking links.

    Yes too, after ten spams today, I have felt a need to add letters to log in as a noter......darn it. Couldn't get here from there again either. I wanted to burp my computer, instead I changed browsers.

  2. So beautiful, both pictures and words. That last line really caught my throat: "over before it begins". So much nostalgia is trapped in those four words.

  3. I thought it was gorgeous!