18 May, 2008

Silly Season

My mother, who lives in Grenada, refers to the Christmas season there as the Silly Season. There is such a rush of partying going on, it is as if this normally party-friendly society goes completely berserk, or falls into a frenzy, of fêting.
After many years of studying a pattern to our hectic life in Luebeck, I’ve decided to announce the end of spring, beginning of summer, as the Silly Season. The school year draws to a close with a blast: final exams, summer concerts, fund raising bake sales, and school parties. Our companies are crunching out their last project deadlines before summer vacation time arrives: did I mention we get six week’s paid annual vacation, ten religious and bank holidays, and flexible overtime compensatory holidays.

With summer looming, a time that leaves Europe void of productivity, everyone tries to squeeze everything important into the weeks from after Easter until the beginning of July. It is completely crazy. Silly Season.

I don’t even want to risk telling you the state our calendar is in. We have more appointments, dates, and celebrations overflowing every one of our days; enough things to fill the rest of the year with. And, we are no dullards when it comes to social engagement. So, please forgive any certain lack of focus you might be feeling from my writings or non-writings. Even this will pass.


  1. Wow. Gorgeous photo montage! Wow!

  2. Oh, you and yours are so amazing. I'm operating on the theory that "No" is a one word sentence. I'm shrinking my world down to a tiny pocket so I can survive the next 20 days. Once these are over, I can fly free again....if I have any friends to socialize with.

    Write when you have time. We will be here.