26 March, 2007


Many years ago, twenty-five to be precise, just before I graduated from electrical engineering, I applied for a job as a research scientist in Antarctica. I also applied for a job in Peru on a stellar observatory station. Well, for whatever reason(s), I was not invited for an interview on either of the positions. (Instead, I came to work in the medical engineering field in Germany. Hardly the same is it?)

I hadn’t thought about those failed job applications since then. That is, until today when I looked at this unbelievably beautiful slideshow (here : under “The Frozen Desert” and “Photographer’s Journal”). More than just unbelievably beautiful, watching it made me ach with longing. No, not a longing to pack up my bags and off I go. Rather, a longing to relive dreams long gone.

The best medicine, I’ve discovered to alleviate this longing, is to read this blog. It is a joy to follow (admittedly virtually and vicariously) Ben’s adventures. I first came upon Ben in a talk he gave at TED 2005. I find his stories aspiring, he epitomises the modern day explorer.

What I particularly like about his blog is the fact that he presents his own adventures without fuss or frills, points out other wonderful sites (1, 2, and 3), he generously talks of other people’s adventures (here and here), and like his journeys – the website design has no pretentious excess luggage, yet presents a great eye for detail. He inspires both the young and the old.

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