22 March, 2007

Change Of Perspective

Yesterday morning, while riding the bus to work with all the other sleepy grownup passengers, a 1st or 2nd grade class came onto the bus. The quiet ride burst into cacophony of children’s excited laughter and shouting. They rushed up and down the centre aisle; trying to find or fill the empty seats closest to their best friends. When the bus drove over a bump, a few of the girls gleefully screeched. Some of the boys made quite a show of standing up and trying to do balancing dance during the constant braking and accelerating movement of the bus: only to fall over each other when the bus driver braked too quickly at a red light. It was such a crazy, loud, rambunctious scene.

I wonder what would happen if adult bus commuters could, all of sudden, adopt the children’s joy-filled, excited attitude to riding a bus. Wouldn’t that be hysterically funny?

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