23 September, 2015

We are writing history right now

A must see. I liked the part in the video about the importance of cell phones and social media for the refugees. A dear friend of mine who fled Syria 25 years ago, was cut off from his family until two years ago when one of his brothers managed to get a cell phone with whatsup on it. For the first time in over 20 years he was able to talk with his family. He now knows who is alive and who has sadly passed, who left for Jordan, who are staying no matter how critical the situation remains... His life has been transformed through whatsup.

It is exciting and scary living here at the moment. It is as the video states, "we are writing history right now". It is the same feeling of fascination and trepidation that was present after the Berlin Wall went down. There is much good will around, but is there sufficient long term commitment, both individually and politically, for us to face the deep economical and moral responsibilities placed at our doorsteps?

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