07 November, 2014

The good thing about the internet is...

The good thing about the internet is the people you meet along the way. More particularly, the people you would not normally meet and once you have met them, they marvelously expand your perspectives on life and living. I am not talking just about the online friends who I've met through blogging or other social networks. Those friendships would take many posts to explore and explain.

Today I just wanted to mention one person, Alys Fowler, whose videos have filled my life with all sorts of joy and imaginings about how living a life with a garden could be.

(Sorry, if this video posting is a copyright fauxpas, I can't find another possibility.)

The greatest gardeners I have known have been my paternal grandfather, my sister, my friends Maria, Sonja, Tine and Andrea. Even though I have rubbed shoulders with numerous master gardeners, I do not have a green thumb at all. Actually, I am a couch potato gardener and will most likely remain so.

Yet, they taught me many lessons about gardening, which can be used well in life. Lessons about patience, planning, beauty, hard work, modesty, humility, artful endeavor, and a feeling an underlying tenderness about all of their plants. To Alys and my gardening family and friends, thank you so very much.    

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