16 November, 2014

Circular Economy

Last June I had the great pleasure to spend a few days in Paris with two deardear friends from high school. Meeting thenm, one flying in from Montreal and the other from Goa, in this amazing city was a fantastic experience. Each day we made discoveries. Many of them were fun (being part of the crowds of people watching the Paris Open on live stream at the Eiffel Tower), inspiring (Rodin’s garden) and some even made my brain go into overdrive (a Gregorian chant sung in the Notre Dame Cathedral during an evening concert). 

One discovery was as provocative as it was disturbing. The above is a photo of a window display in a chic clothes store. It shows purses made from frogs. Posing the question what can you do with the rest of the frog who is killed for l'escargot? 

This is a long way of presenting the topic of "circular economy" and doesn't quite do it justice. So, please please watch this panel discussion, "Can materials innovation save the world?" It is well worth taking the 30 minutes and let your brain go on overdrive. The people in the panel persuasively argue how the greatness of materials innovation lies in its simplicity.

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