25 February, 2012

Commitment towards Change

Do you remember when the whole notion of change from bottom-up and not top-down began to resonate in the public and individual consciousness? When did it happen for you?

When Egyptians rose up and claimed change of regime?
When Mr. Obama became president and asked us to help make change?
The ending of apartheid in South Africa?
The fall of the Berlin Wall?

Or was it something less historically significant? Whenever or whatever it was that gave you serious pause for thought, wasn't it exciting to think of the enormous possibilities we all have to participate in creative and constructive change?

Where are you today? Does the fire still burn inside?

Video from KarmaTube

There are so people working with spirit to create long term change. I recently discovered the KarmaTube. Try browsing through the different videos and choosing one or two as a picker upper... it is bound to make you smile. 

Today, life is good. It is easy for me to believe in the power of small victories and quiet diligence bringing about the changes we need We just need to keep putting one foot forward...


  1. I'm working harder now than when I was young because I have more time -- and yeah, I'm gonna campaign for Obama!!!

  2. Good to hear you will be out their campaigning for Obama. From way afar, it seems as if everyone rushed forward four years ago to say, "yes, we will help", but when it came time to actually changing things (doing the work), a good part of the masses silently took one step back and left Obama standing alone. At least when it came to the need to change government processes.

  3. I've always been pretty active. I consider it my duty as concerned citizen.