18 February, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

I love the internet. It has probably been one of the major change factors in my life in the last twenty years.
(That is, of course, second place, farfar behind, the immense joy and challenge of raising our delightful children.)

Since I was there right from the beginning (of the internet), and consider myself an "early adopter" in most things, there are only the rare moments when I discover something old, but fabulous.

This is what happened this week, when I stumbled over the blog, Letters of Note. What a fantastic site to while the days away on. What a learning opportunity for students and teachers alike.

Today's letter is from Groucho Marx. Wouldn't you love to it if he could have written a letter to some bank CEO today...

Other pearls of wisdom I discovered were,
This evening I went to see this lovely film,

Do try and take a look. The film leaves you with a warm feeling of having seen something well done.

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  1. Oh, many wonderful pearls here, Lilalia - thank you!