02 March, 2011

Immeasurable help from friends

The Opening of my art exhibit "Art for Positive Social Change" is next Tuesday on the 100th Anniversary of the International Women's Day. 

So yesterday, two friends agreed to help put up the collages. M. is a terrific handyman. L. is an artist with a lot of experience in setting up exhibits. If I am really honest, I initially asked them to come along for the company.
I thought that I would arrive at the venue with the old exhibit gone, some strips of nylon and hooks hanging down the walls. In my mind, all that we needed to do was to take the collages hang them up on the hooks, and presto, an hour later... all would be done. This could not have been further from the reality.

Old art exhibit still up. Hanging wires soldered to the paintings. No extra wires or hooks in sight. No help from the people working there. No tools beyond my nifty measuring tape. I was seriously ill-prepared. Except, EXCEPT, by some fluke I'd asked M. and L. to come along for the ride.

Between the two of them, all was up in three hours. Not only that, it looks good.

To those of you who in a moment of craziness decide to undertake some public enterprise, be forewarned, you need to bring in an expert! L. helped decide which of the pictures should hang where, how to hang them, and also went running off home to pick up the hooks and wiring system we needed. I stood around trying to be as helpful and experiencing one hot flash after another.

Oh, what would we do if it wasn't for friends!


  1. How exciting for you!

    I would be just as helpless. Hanging pictures is one of those skills that has passed me by!

    Good luck with the exhibit -- I'm sure it is fabulous!

  2. Kristi, I am all right with the mechanics, but knowing how to fill a room or place an imagine in the right place, was a totally new concept to me.