24 October, 2010

Nowhere to go but home


“... and there is nowhere to go but home, which is nowhere to be found and yet is here,
unlost, solid, the very ground on which you stand but cannot visit ...” George Szirtes

Late autumn afternoon. I'm on my way into town to do some chores. A carpet of leaves lie on the sidewalk leaden down with rain and shadowed by the winter darkness that is coming. My mind hears sighing whispers about summer travels on coastal waters in warmer seas. I turn my back on the idea of pressing on, and instead return to the warmth of home with its golden lighting and silly loving family chatter.


  1. I think your appartment and the whole atmosphere about it is one of the cosiest and safest places I could imagine!
    I would return their any chance I get :)

  2. Ah, I love the warm feeling your words and collage conjures up.

  3. For some reason I found this poem sad.
    I think it is because for the first time in his life - my son will not be sitting at my Thanksgiving table. He is far over the ocean and I miss him so much.

  4. I thought I had posted a note here. Mea Culpa. Lovely collage. I like it a lot. I miss your more frequent posts tho and hope you are feeling ok. Now I know why no note. I've been trying forever to leave just a few words. Everybody else works ok, but not thhis site.

  5. Lisi, such a nice thing to say. You know you are welcome to come whenever you wish.

    LadyFi, these late autumn days draw us indoors, don't you think? Think you have a heartier band of thieves than ours.

    One Woman, Thanksgiving on your side of the ocean is perhaps the one holiday that really is about family and so, it is easy to understand missing your son sitting across from you and telling tales of far away places. It is not much, but perhaps you can all raise a toast to him and the same time he raises a toast to you. That is what I did over the years with my family on New Years Eve. We had four different time zones, but we managed to put aside one moment of collective good wishes.

    Maggie, I changed the comment side so that you could leave comments more easily. Can't figure out what is wrong with the settings! I am (promise) going to write more often.

  6. It's just so nice to see you often this week. Having a son go off to school is always a sharp shock, but I've missed you.