07 August, 2010

Chilled Out

We had the great pleasure of visiting the Natural Historical Museum in Karlsruhe the other day. The Vivium (fish and reptiles) section kept us fascinated and smiling with wonder for over an hour. I do not have the ablility to describe in detail how beautiful and quirky nature is when it comes to their design of sea creatures. The diverstiy of colours, shapes, and sizes is beyond comprehension.

I've never seen such remarkably coreographed aquariums and terrariums.They were the sort of sea landscapes that VanGogh would have painted if he knew of them.

While most of the fish seemed very occupied and busily doing what fish do, the reptiles were childed out. I stood and starred back at a iguana for over two minutes before it deemed necessary to blink. A lesson in Zen. 


  1. Is the whole family enjoying the trip, and what is he majoring in? Just trying to see what you see.

  2. Great!!!!!! I envy you this journey!!!

  3. There are no words to describe the beauty in nature.
    So pleased you could enjoy this time.