12 August, 2010

Thunder Storms


One last of my window collages.

A dear friend of mine who moved to Germany nearly two years ago from Cameroon puzzles at our preoccupation with the weather. And, I usually try not to mention the weather too much. But, today there is a torrential storm. No nice patter of drops, just the swoosh and battering of the rain falling down.

I love the suspense before a storm breaks, especially, after this summer of heat and drought.

Do go and listen/read Caroline Caddy’s poem, Thunder. It so eloquently describes the “prowling thunder”,

"Sometimes very early a spatter of rain wets the ground.
  Sometimes a patch of blue sleight-of-hands a few clear drops
  but always the cough and growl
                    at the back of the trees
                        like a pet gone wild
  exploring the place between having and getting
                    and won’t come closer


  1. What a lovely collage.. love the words of that poem too.

  2. Your mouse wore out, your mouse hand wore out....if I were a funnier woman, I could make something from that. It's just on the edge of my tongue. :)

    My mouse is pooped too.