20 May, 2010

Strolling along the my favourite Café

If I remember correctly, I told you about my favourite café that is located in a flowershop not far from where we live. Here is a slide show of photos taken last week...

On a side note, my favourite season in Germany is spring. My favourite season in Canada (east coast) was autumn.

Since I am at home looking for meaningful employment, I tend to go out for a lot of long walks. Sometimes I go along, but not always. I have a handful of friends that occasionally accompany me during these meanderings. Their company and our conversation is as much a comfort, as it is an opportunity to explore all things vast and small.


  1. What an absolutely charming view of your city in Spring. Beautiful. Do you have to work....can you stay home and be a creative hausfrau?

  2. Beautiful! Can you send some of your creativity south? There's a drought down here.

    I loved seeing the Lübeck streets and all those gables. Was there marzipan in the cakes?

  3. Did I answer you about my mother? Mother married her first husband....who suddenly didn't want children. Yes, she got a divorce in the early 1930...when it wasn't the correct thing to do. She married my father in 1939, and she stayed married to my father until he died. She met her third husband at the yacht club...I think, and they stayed married until she died. :) Only one divorce amid a flock of husbands.

  4. Maggie, staying home is not an alternative. We need the income. I need the work and the simple task of being paid for it. It's something I have done since I was 15 and it's hard to walk outside of this norm. I have much admiration for those that do manage it with any grace.

    Charlotte, yes, there was marzipan inside of that homemade on of those cakes and pralines.