21 April, 2009

Need Your Opinion

Once again, I need your help. I made up this presentation today and I need your suggestions and opinions on it. A colleague and I are holding a workshop on Thursday for a group of teachers about Web 2.0 presentation tools. I happen to know that many of you are teachers, were teachers, or we involved in education... so, please give it a look.

We are going to keep the theoretical part down to a minimum (30 minutes) because we do not have much time (4 hours). Ideally, I'd like for the participants to work for 3 of the 4 hours, and for the instructors to present for 30 minutes, and leave 30 minutes for feedback.


  1. I'm a big fan of using a fat sharpie pen and smallish sticky notes when playing with ideas for a presentation. The fat pen means you have to use short words and broad concepts or simple diagrams(nothing else will fit) and the sticky notes are easily rearranged from idea maps to storyboards as your concepts develop.

    I also generally begin with your step 2, and then work back and forth between your step 1 and step 4, letting my sticky note and exploratory phase shape the metaphors as they emerge for me. When I trust this (messy) process, I create the most effective presentations...

    Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on this!

  2. I like it. Very clear and simple.

  3. agree, clean and simple. the images add good impact.