07 February, 2009

Progressive Education circa 1940

Even though my children were born in the 20th century, they have few or no memories from that century. That is, other than that what they experience in their day-to-day learning at school. This video, from the 1940s, is an idealistic representation of the teaching methods my children experience in their high school today.

Idealistic, because even though the ministry of education encourages the practices shown in the video, in reality my children sit in rows and the teachers use frontal instructional form 90% of the time. They are also learning 80% of their learning material by rote; so let’s throw in some 1920s teaching methods in there. My children are being taught 1920s to 1940s educational methods by teachers raised, in the most part, in the 1960s, and this is suppose to help them prepare for working in the 2020s. Is it any wonder my son believes school is a place to pay penance for having been born in the wrong century, and life outside and online is where you really learn through communication, connectivity, and collaboration.

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