21 December, 2008

Children's Story

I wrote and illustrated this story a while ago. My son sent me the link to a nifty website that publishes all sorts of documents in all sorts of formats. You should really check it out.

I thought I'd try and see how it works. And, I must say, very well. I'll definitely consider using issuu in the future.

P.S. You have to click on the story to go to a screen where you can actually read it.


  1. What a lovely story!!!! I love the illustrations!!!!!! And the link is wonderful!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is magical! Each illustration must have taken days and days. You actually DO all the things I only dream of doing, Lia.... I watched the little video, and I can think of several cool ways to use this publishing site. I'll try it with our school paper first, then maybe get more creative and personal. Did your kids absolutely love that book?!
    Happy holidays!