18 August, 2008

Friends Indeed

I’ve just came back from a trip down south to visit with friends. These are women I have known for over twenty-five years. Even though I moved away twenty years ago, we remain in contact and, more importantly, we remain connected. Every time I go back, I am a washed with the familiarity and the steadfastness of my friends’ lives. Yet, as you can imagine, much changes: small children grow into adult, new jobs or recent retirement, old dreams gone by the wayside, and new travel plans, etc. Mostly, I am just thankful for the warm welcome and the conversations that leave my head spinning, so that I spent a good part of the train journey home, just thinking about what was said and what was left unsaid.


  1. Friends like that are so special. Our september trip to Northern California takes us by new and old friends. Kindred spirits. Life is better because they share it with us.

  2. Sounds great. Interestingly, I just met an old friend too, she and her family came to our house yesterday. And sadly, when she left I wondered why I have ever considered her to be my friend. I'll still continue writing her e-mails and such but there isn't much common ground.