07 August, 2008

Book and Film Recommendations

I am in need of some book and film recommendations for a school project I’m involved in. The project is an ESL project with three themes: London, India, and immigration. If possible, could you please suggest any reading and viewing material that concerns any of these three or includes all three of them?


  1. Monica Ali's "Brick Lane" came to mind, but I guess it's Bangladesh instead of India.

    Kureshi's "Buddha of Suburbia"?

    Roopa Farooki's "Bitter Sweets"?

    Movies: "Bend It Like Beckham" of course!!

  2. "East meets West" is a movie about 4 sons born in UK in a mixed Christian/Muslim family and the impact of culture on them. Admittedly, set in the north of England, not London, but good insights.

    Paul Scott's Raj Quartet is set in colonial India before independence and partition. The four books were filmed by the BBC into around 10 programmes.

    I don't know what ESL means so not sure if the above are suitable.

  3. My Son the Fanatic is a great movie.

  4. If your students are familiar with Pride and Prejudice (or at least the story line), the movie Bride and Prejudice might be a good one to watch. It'll be easy to follow even if they don't catch all the dialogue.