08 July, 2008

Social Day 2008

The children did not go to school today because they participated in a national “Social Day”. This is a day when hundreds of thousand school children spend their school day working in private homes, in offices, government or educational institutions. Their earnings go towards helping build schools, support youth projects, or run anti-racist projects in the Balkan States. This organization organises both the Social Day and the work in the Balkan States, and it is run by high school students.

Link: sevenload.com

Video titled “Heroes, please volunteer!”
The organisation is called Schüler helfen Leben (literal translation, students helping life) and they are expecting upwards of two million Euros in earnings from this year’s Social Day alone. As you can see from the video, whose goal is to get students sign up to do this voluntary work, the message is very clearly designed to appeal to its target audience. It doesn’t matter if the students help their grandmother in the garden, wash windows in a grade school, or work in a company on this day, collectively the children’s efforts create stellular results and each is a hero in their own right.

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  1. What a wonderful idea. I am knee deep reading and writing about the two main kinds of architecture of the National Socialist Party in Germany. What a culture shock that must have been to move there.

    Yes, I am not only going to Comic-Con once, but I'm going twice. Friday we take grandaughter Sahara...who has a mild form of Autism. I'm so afraid of losing her.

    Sunday we go to see our nephews film which is premiering there. Hopefully nephew and wife will be here. Yes also, The convention Center has seating everywhere or I can sit on the floor with a book. :) I wouldn't miss Comic-con with family for anything.