09 July, 2008


She looks respectable, almost meticulously so, if it were not for the smell of unwashed clothes and the wild look in her eyes. The dullness to her movement belies a mind that cannot rest on any one task for longer period of time. She works in isolation since no one willingly spends more time with her than absolutely necessary. How she manages to keep her job is anyone's guess. Yet, she is the one who remains at the company year-after-year, while others eventually leave to better jobs. She isn't even a splinter in their memories.


  1. This is so powerful. A knock you off your feet powerful combination of words and image. I like how the left side is dark and the woman looks old and stressed. On the right, the light image looks young and hopeful. There could even be a smile.

    Thanks so much for the thoughtful note I found this morning on my blog. I am separated from the reality of these buildings by distance. My only eye is through photographs to a certain clarity. I would like very much to come visit to see these structures myself.

  2. Very powerful. Both the words and the image. Lovely.