03 July, 2008


Sometimes people tell me stories that are interesting in how the story develops, or, how it concludes. Such is a story a friend told me recently and which I wrote up and submitted to The Elder Storytelling Place at the Time Goes By blog. For those of you, who haven’t read the story there, please take the time and read it now; for the story and surprise ending is pure delight. It is also a true story with a perfect ending, something rare these days.

Sometimes though, it is not so much the story as an image that sticks in my mind. Such happened this past weekend, when a friend of mine told me about a past lover of hers who used to do a comic synchronous swimming routine while lying in bed. He would lie in bed, demonstrating his swimming grace by waving his arms and legs around in the air in the typical synchronous swimming circular manner. All the while only wearing a nose plug and some very skimpy briefs. The final touch to this hilarious routine was the fact that he’d hum kitschy music while (supposedly) swimming on the water surface and then demonstratively hold his breath for the bits which were supposed to be done below the water surface.

Since hearing the story, I only have to imagine the scene to break out in a smile. I hope the same happens to you. My question is, if air guitar can be so popular, why couldn’t bed synchronous swimming become a hit?


  1. Lia, I LOVE the story you posted at Elder Blog! I could just kiss that boy with the honey! Bravo!!!

  2. Didn't I leave you a note over there. The cold has left me so foggy that I cannot remember what I've done these days.

    Love that swimmer tho. I can just see him. Sitting here smiling.

  3. Yes, that may be very true. I find tho that I do better when I have an interest. Like the San Diego Historical Society. I've written them to tell them I'm retired and to ask if they want me back. There are sitting activities that I can do one day a week.....like write synopsis on note books or scrapbooks. We will see. :)