24 May, 2006

Another Collage

So, it’s Wednesday night before a long long weekend (until Monday noon): tomorrow is a holiday and Friday I have off… amazing. Just spent the last few hours listening to two of the BBC radio program podcasts (The Daily Mayo and The Now Show).

This collage is a result of al that listening entertainment. Hope all of you who have to work this week have an easy time of it, and all those who live in countries abounding in (superfluous) bank and religious holidays, enjoy.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day here. Traditionally, all the guys (both married and unmarried, with our without children) go off together on hikes and picnics trailing wheeled carts containing copious amounts of alcohol. It is both hysterical as well as pathetic: the guys using Father’s Day as an excuse to go off on a rip roaring drunk.

If Mother’s Day was celebrated in the same manner, it might make a bit of sense. But on Mother’s Day, mothers are expected to bake various cakes and cook meals for those who come and visit − just one of various prevalent inequalities that exist in gender issues in Germany.

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