23 January, 2014

You Can Only Multitask In One Way

To multitask or not to multitask... that is the question these days... January has been an amazing month work-wise and so, now that I am officially a long time freelancer (survived those first 3 years!), I go with the flow.

Flow (noun, verb): to accept joyously all work contracts that come in, while working seven days a week and not bothering to count the number of hours per day. This is, after all, what you were hoping for!

When I read the title on the video above, I thought, "So at least there is one way to multitask". If you see the video to the end though you realise there isn't any way. Oh, well, back to the "doing one thing at a time".

All's well here in marzipan land. The rooftops have a sugaring of snow and the sky is blue today.

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