02 January, 2014

Only the tree left

Holidays are for some
A spectacular theatrical production.
There is much that shines and glitters.
Certainly much to remember about
The fantastical shows of generosity.
Still, to those who venture on this 
Precarious path, let you be(a)ware
Of the hysteria and dampened
Disappointment waiting for you 
In the muffled darkness of your
Bedroom, as mayhem rules below.

For others it is a goodgood feeling
Coming from an excess of food, 
Gift giving, shared laughter and faith 
In the repetition of family rituals;
Based on the infallible belief 
That This Time we will get it right. 
Even though what is right
Is often the unexpected.

Then there are those few of us who
Wholely wish to throw it all aside...
Who prefer to spend our time with
A good book or the cat. It is hard
To explain to others how very
Mundane but deliciously joyous
Such times are: an escape 
From all the burdens such times
Bring to each and everyone.

And then there is Us. A family
Un-seeped in tradition, but still
Looking for decorative spirited 
Bobbles to brighten our holidays. 
We stumble willy nilly into various
Gatherings: unprepared, with no
Exceptions, nearly always surprised
That it works and relieved when it's over.

My thanks to everyone in my family and friends who have made this Christmas and New Years Holidays a true delight. There is only the tree to take down and then we can plunge into making this 2014 a year of growing prosperity, good health and welcomed change.

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