31 August, 2013

Peter's Angel

A warrior. You asked. This is what
I want to be. Especially, in this place
Where weapons of mass destruction,
Gang wars, vast armies, lethal intent,
And, most discouragingly,
Moral Justification, doesn’t exist, there
Is nothing I would like better than to be
A warrior. For the good… not of mankind,
But with kindness for man. The ones
Who navigate blindly, without a glimmer
Of understanding. Suffering the many…
The endless indignities. Having been born
(Not out of choice) – into a countries ripped
Apart by political strife – into communities
Starved of any opportunities for betterment –
With diseases beyond the control of medicine
Or God’s mercy. I will stand next to them
In their moments of need. Still their fears
And offer them comfort. In their loneliness
They will not be alone.
A gentle warrior. Yes indeed, that is what
I choose to be.

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