31 August, 2013

Angel Project

I believe in reincarnation and angels. Though when it comes to reincarnation, I don’t believe it is in our powers to know what lives we actually lived in the past. There just seems too many Cleopatras and Viking slaves out there to be true. Yet, I do think intuitively endless cycles of corporal/spiritual change and transformation makes more sense than purgatory, heaven and hell, or even Nothing.

(In my belief system, the jury is out whether it is possible for Tibetan monks to find the new and next Dali Lama years after the last one died. For the sake of world peace, I really do hope they know what they are doing. That is the one and only exception I am not willing to weigh in upon.)

It’s another thing with angels.

They are true. They might not all be as godly and good as esoteric literature would have us believe, but they are there in our hearts and dreams.

The following series of collages and poems is a flight of fancy and I apologise up front if I am stepping upon anyone’s religious toes. I also want to apologise to any angels out there who might feel I am taking the mickey out of them. That is not my intent.

The idea behind this project is to imagine what would happen if we were given complete free choice as to what form of angel we wished to be. The angels in these poems are real people I have loved and whose spirits stay close to me even after they died.

The following series of collages and poems are dedicated to my children. They may not remember their family relatives or, in some cases, even had the opportunity to meet them, but the legacy of these people live on in some of my children’s personality traits and physical attributes. How marvelous is that?


  1. This series is quite a marvelous one in so many levels, Lilalia - the concept, the images, the poetry! I look forward to following this.

  2. Marja-Leena, thanks. The inspiration for the angel series came to me this week asI was away on a writing retreat. The sunny days sitting in a fabulour garden and walking along the Baltic Sea beach front, set my creative mojo into action. Thanks so much for commenting. Still love following your blog even though I do not say often enough how much I enjoy it.

  3. love them all, you've really captured the spirit of dave/peter especially in where i can imagine their spirits lay in the hearafter. love that you are writing poetry again xox