30 December, 2012

New Year's Eve in Grenada

winter fairy lights

End of year, sitting on the terrace
Alone. Happy in my solitude
Looking over the oceanscape,
The Atlantic side, not the Caribbean
Warm seabreeze, tropical birdsong
Filling every cell in my body
Delicious pleasure. A blessing. Joy.

My mind drifts back into the cold
Snow-covered woodlands with the
Crunch, snap, whip of frozen winds
Shivering thrill of discovery.
Fairy lights, falling dusk,
Abandoned home. A suspended bridge 
Leading no where, for no one.

Thanks to Lady Fi for allowing me to use her photo in this collage.


  1. And family to go with the warmth. Yes, it is good to see you these last few days. If you can find the time, we certainly would like to see you more.

  2. Maggie, I've read your blog loyally every day. It is a staid practice first thing every morning. Thank you for your daily musing.

    It's hard to communicate the challenges and joys of becoming self-employed in my mid-fifties. It shifted all my focus and efforts away from writing, blogging, making collages. After two years of complete immersion into the art of business making, I am hoping, but not promising, to shift a little back into my old dear creative ways.