23 December, 2012

Money Can Buy Happiness

Anyone who volunteers their time, effort, or money towards helping others will probably admit that they receive more in return than they feel they have given. It is an odd phenomena. Some cynics say most volunteers are self-serving, sanctimonious: for the true motive behind our work is so we can feel good about ourselves. Michael Norton has carried out some experiments that present another view on this matter.

A long time ago, I read somewhere the etymological root of the word happiness is "doing good". Mr. Norton's argument substantiates this.


  1. I volunteer to drive for meals on wheels, and I know for a fact that I give more than I get in that deal. They can find someone else to drive, easily, but I can't find so many wonderful people to make me happy once a week.

  2. J, know what you are speaking of. Kindness grows in many ways.